Doutone Leopared Kegel Balls

Doutone Leopared Kegel Balls
Doutone Leopared Kegel Balls
Brand: Armonita
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Regular wear strengthens your kegel muscles for intensified orgasms, better bladder control, and overall good vaginal health.
Wear as you go about your everyday chores to tone and strengthen your muscles and enjoy discreet stimulation at the same time!
The simplest way to supercharge your sex life, these 2 small jiggle balls help tone your pelvic floor muscles, which can lead to more intensified orgasms for the wearer. Inside are free-roaming weights that roll arousingly with your every move. Enjoy every movement while the tingling stimulation increases arousal, sexual stamina, and orgasm intensity. Each sphere measures at 3,4 cm and is made from a hypoallergenic ABS plastic. The silky spheres are connected by a sturdy nylon cord for comfortable insertion and gentle removal. 

Once your workout winds up, slip your finger into the sturdy loop and gently tug for instant simple removal.
Prior to and after each use, wash weights with warm water and mild soap. 
For easy insertion, use a quality water-based lubricant to enjoy smoother sensations.

Key Features:
* Beginner's duo kegel ball with 3,4 cm circumference for effective pelvic floor workouts
* Tightening of the Vaginal Muscles
* Total weight of 48g for a gentle introduction to pelvic floor exercise
* Free-roaming internal balls wiggle and jiggle to stimulate pleasure
* Smoothly rounded ball is easy to insert and comfortable to wear
* User-friendly retrieval cord makes removal easy
* Waterproof for fun in the shower
* Product size: 22.5 cm Φ 3.4 cm
* Product Weight: 48 g
* Material: ABS Plastic
* Color: Leopard design
* Phthalates Free 
* Brand: Armonita Pleasure Products


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