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Dear being Customer!

Armonita is a company on adult product market, distributing own collections which the brand name is "Armonita Pleasure Products". 

Armonita Dış Ticaret Ltd. was founded in 2000 and is based in Turkia. We celebrated 18 years of sharing sexual happiness in 2018.
We are located in Kadıkoy, Istanbul which is very near to Europe and Asia.

We offer high-quality sexual health products at competitive prices to support retail businesses that enhance people's intimate relationships
and encourage informed the sexual exploration of the adult product market. 

We introduce branding concepts like packaging art, logos, product names, and a cohesive brand voice into our business strategy.
We provide detailed descriptions and pictures of all of our products, allowing you to see the product before you buy them.
All of our products are humanity, non-toxic, fashion, high-quality materials, safe.  Working with Armonita, you are getting more benefits: 
- Excellent high-quality products
- Reliable prices
- Quick online order confirmation

We offer a state of the order processing, drop shipping services, international and nationwide shipping.
We can handle orders of all sizes from high quantity to one or a few items as you needed.
If you are not an existing customer, then please apply today for access to our site. 
To become or get the access to our online offer please follow the link: www.armonita.com.tr
Please have a look at our newest online catalog and do not hesitate to contact us in case of any further questions!

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Armonita Dis Ticaret Ltd.Sti. Turkia
Welcome to "Armonita Pleasure Products"
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